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About Me
Jane Legwold, MS, APRN, LMFT, located in South West Minneapolis, Minnesota, provides you with psychotherapy services. Let me help you address your personal, relationship, and familial difficulties.

A Fully Qualified Mental Health Provider

Hello, my name is Jane Legwold and I am here to collaborate with you to improve your overall mental health. My early years as a nurse were in traditional nursing roles in inpatient settings doing neurosurgical and then psychiatric nursing. I returned to graduate school in advanced practice nursing with my focus being in both clinical psychiatric/mental health nursing and education.

My first job after graduate school was working on a National Institute of Mental Health grant providing services to women who had been sexually assaulted and doing research about the impact, recovery process, and the most effective treatments. That experience has given me a solid base for working with clients with a trauma history.

Committed to Learning to Serve You Better

After a brief period doing primary nursing on an inpatient short-term psychiatric assessment and treatment unit, I began my career providing outpatient psychotherapy. Due to my interest in working with couples and families, I sought training and extensive supervision to qualify for practice as a marriage and family therapist.

I completed EMDR Training Levels 1 & 2, along with additional hours of EMDR training and consultation. Throughout my career, I have routinely participated in professional supervision and peer consultation on an ongoing basis.  

Jane Legwold - Psychotherapy Treatment

Present Practice Focused on Helping You

Staying current with my areas of specialization and practice, in both advanced practice nursing and marriage and family therapy, I continue to pursue continuing education. After 20 years in private practice with Park Psychotherapy & Consulting, we chose to dissolve the business. I was then in my own practice at the same location for another 12 years in St. Louis Park. As of September 2019, I moved my practice to my Minneapois location and continue to coordinate actively with other providers in the community. 

Public Service Record & Notable Achievements:
• Metropolitan Health Planning Board Provider Member Representing Nursing       & Mental Health Service Providers, 1982- 1988 
    • Vice Chair, 1983-1987 
    • Management Committee, 1983-1988 
    • Health Status Task Force, 1984-1985 
    • Hospital Evaluation Committee, Metropolitan Health Planning Board 
      & Hospital Trustees Council, 1986-1988
• Minnesota Mental Health Professional Coalition Member, Representing
  Minnesota Nurses Association, 1993-1997
• Minnesota Department of Health ISN Advisory Committee Member,
  Representing Minnesota Nurses Association & Mental Health Service
  Providers, 1993-1994
• Minnesota Department of Health Universal Standard Benefit Set Committee
  Member Representing Minnesota Nurses Association & Mental Health
  Providers, 1994
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Serving Clients in Minneapolis, St. Louis Park, Edina, St. Paul, Bloomington, Golden Valley,
Eden Prairie, Minnetonka, Plymouth, & Maple Grove, Minneapolis within a 25-Mile Radius