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Individualized Psychotherapy in South West Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Mental Health Wellness

Relief is possible with depression and anxiety treatment from Jane Legwold, MS, APRN, LMFT. I offer experienced help for various conditions such as grief, eating disorders, trauma and living with chronic health conditions. 
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Family & Relationship Help

Communication dynamics and ineffective relationship patterns are addressed in my family therapy and relationship counseling sessions. Let me help you work through your interpersonal difficulties with the people you love.
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Appointments & Policies

Scheduling a session is easy with clearly explained psychotherapy appointment and policies guidelines. Please feel free to contact me today, and let me offer you my experienced services.
Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday, Hours Vary by the Day, Ranging from 7 a.m. - 5 p.m. (Wednesday & Friday Are Mornings Only)

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I am Jane Legwold, a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Adult Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing, and a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Individualized Psychotherapy in South-West Minneapolis, Minnesota serving the greater Twin Cities area. My nursing background gives me the broad base to address mental health concerns from a holistic perspective considering the mind-and-body interplay. Because of my background as a family therapist I look at presenting issues from a perspective that emphasizes the context in which these issues occur.

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